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I am passionate about the vulnerability and strength of every human being, how despite the vast knowledge we have, we persist in choosing states of suffering and refusing opportunities to experience peace or even joy.
How our ability to feel compassion, trust, courage, hope, is not a daily training to make our existence less painful.
How hatred, selfishness and distrust nearly always occupy the first place in moments of fragility.

As a matter of fact, emotions, the universal human language, are our personal guide for a growth towards a better quality of life. I can help you get in touch with your feelings.

I am an explorer with counselling skills, able to create a favorable space to reflect and make use of your lifelong learning experiences to make sense of your own existence.
I love to study, explore, investigate, and after having learnt and practiced different ways and methods to alleviate my and others’ suffering, to illuminate dark moments, to "feel good", I have come to the conclusion, like many others as well, that there is no special path or ideal practice in order to overcome difficulties, to attain your self-realization.
It is the effort to assimilate the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the years that can lift us from the bottom of difficulties, it is the power to make conscious choices that free us from the weight of doubts, and from the fear of being.
I invite you to be the creator of yourself, the artist of your life performance: study, try and rehearse to become what you have learned.

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Graduated in Economics, Online Tutor, Gestalt Counsellor, Certified Online Counsellor (CPCAB Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awards Body), Counsellor Trainer at Myamo Aps, DITALS Trainer at Society Dante Alighieri Committee, I also teach Italian to foreigners.
Fascinated by the powerful connection between emotions and sound, between vocal emission and personal expression, I studied piano, harmonic singing and ancient vocality.
I run individual and group sessions for personal growth.


  • I can nurture the skills to choose and to transform during your personal growth path
  • I can facilitate the process of assimilating new knowledge
  • I can promote the integration of your dynamic identities
  • I can teach you to see difficulties as learning opportunities and not as obstacles


Whenever and wherever you want!

Nowadays, you can build an effective relationship even at distance, through the web and the advantageous aspects that this mode offers: you don’t have to leave your house and you have more time for yourself.


Counselling is a professional service that allow you to usefully employ the myriad of skills acquired, bring out your potential, the inventiveness and the courage to be who you are, without ifs and buts.
It is a valid support in times of uncertainty, confusion, lack of concentration in order to consciously make appropriate choices that lead to self-realization.


It is a supportive service useful to:

  • Provide adequate space for reflection and understanding to free your uniqueness
  • Facilitate the process of assimilation of knowledge and the expansion of your unexplored potential
  • Support your efforts to adapt in the changing stages of your personal growth
  • Promote self-realization in the light of the awareness you have acquired


Are you familiar with computer-mediated communication?
How much do you value your privacy?
Do you protect your device from malwares?
You need an electronic device and an internet connection, you can choose the type of service: synchronous messaging (web chat), emails, video conferences.



Save time and money
High flexibility in time management
No barriers, maximum adaptation
High confidentiality


A first free e-mail exchange in which to present the situation that you are living and the reason for your request of help, will help me to understand if and how we can work together. I’m available for individual or group online sessions. If you have more questions or wish to engage in further discussion or exploration of how Life learning Online Counselling might work for you, contact me at:
I will endeavor to respond within 48 hours.
If you and I are meeting right now, there’s a reason, and it’s up to you to find out why and maybe go part of the way together.

Rossella Raudino
Gestalt oriented
Professional in agreement with the Italian law n.4/2013


Approach adopted Humanistic, existential and phenomenological.
A synthesis between the studies on teaching foreign languages, humanistic psychology, in particular the studies on Gestaltism, the psychotherapy of Gestalt, the principles and roles the Online Tutor and the wisdom extracted by all the readings, confrontations, sharings, workshops that have supported my personal growth.


The flow of life: access to infinite resources.
Through a guided learning on the issues of discomfort expressed, we will explore access to different points of view, qualities and thoughts that would otherwise remain unheard.

The assimilation of experiences: the dynamism of being
We will experience the functions of the self: through the breath we will come into contact with our feelings, which will guide us to the understanding of our needs, and therefore of our desires, whose full satisfaction will broaden our field of action so as to allow a graceful growth of the person.

Reflection: who I am … now!
We are what we have learned, so far, about ourselves, other people, about how we react instead of acting, about nature, spirituality, and so on. We are the awareness we have obtained through the learning process.
We will share the result of what we have acquired by using it creatively in an artistic, creative form.