Your Counselling

An easy way to have your Counselling sessions anytime anywhere.

What Is It?

You can get professional help and support in a safe online environment.

What Do I Need?

You only need an electronic devise and internet connection; you can choose the session format: webchat, e-mail or Skype.

Is It For Anyone?

Ask yourself:

  • Are you familiar with internet communication?
  • Do you care for privacy?
  • Do you protect your electronic devises from viruses’ attacks?


Why Online Counselling

A valid and effective option to face to face sessions, moreover …

  • Save time and money -> you don’t have to leave your house
  • Date and time flexibility -> you can have your counselling sessions when it suits you (according to the timing chosen)
  • Disability is not a hurdle -> If you are hard of hearing, have speech or mobility problems
  • Anonymity and confidentiality -> if you find hard to talk about certain things face to face
  • How It Works

    It begins with an initial email in which you express your current discomfort. I will reply to it indicating:

    • my empathic understanding of the situation you are going through
    • my training and the way I work online in regard to data protection and confidentiality
    • a short questionnaire to fill in or a free Skype meeting in order to verify how best I can be of help
    After we have established the possibility of working together, I will send you two documents, the informed consent and a draft of agreement containing:
    • session formats
    • frequency and timing
    • backup plan
    • boundaries
    • cost
    Once I receive both documents signed, we will start our sessions according to the format and the timing chosen.


The Counselling Approach I Practice

Gestalt oriented approach helps clients to improve their everyday life situations

  • to acquire self-awareness -> I will guide you to contact your feelings and your body through simple breathing exercises
  • to gain insights of your needs -> I will show my emotional reactions and give you feedbacks to what you are experiencing within the counselling relationship
  • to develop your inner resources -> I will invite you to carry out some tasks that encourage you to experience something different and new
Further Information
In order to make our counselling sessions more effective, ethically correct and beneficial to you, please take some time to have a look at the following links: As member of S.I.A.F. Italy I do refer to this Code of Ethics
I am a professional Gestalt Counselor and a certified online counsellor by CPCAB.
As the online Counselling practice is text-based communication it is important to acknowledge that misunderstandings can happen.

Next Steps:
If you have more questions or wish to engage in further discussion or exploration of how Online counselling might work for you, contact me at: (email for first contact). I will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Rossella Raudino
Gestalt oriented
Professional registered with S.I.A.F. Italy - no. SI264-CG in agreement with the Italian law n.4/2013